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Custom logo graphics has been producing professionally designed, eye catching logos for about a decade now. We have been known in the market for providing quality logos at the most competitive price. The logo designing team at Custom Logo Graphics is dedicated to out perform client’s expectation and challenge their creativity on a daily basis.Our resellers are  located across the world. Most of these are situated in various parts of United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Israel and Australia.

Internet is on a high

Every new venture on internet wants to create a distinct identity. A professionally designed logo can be the difference between an ordinary start up and a fabulous one. The fact that 1000’s of website are been launched daily is self explanatory to suggest logos are indispensable. This industry is growing at a tremendous speed. Online industry promises plenty of opportunities to make money; undoubtedly this is the smartest one.

Here is the opportunity

We have been working on a win-win formula lately – Provides you an opportunity to make money and establish your own brand as a reseller of logos. Basically, you make use of your marketing capabilities in getting the logo order and our experienced logo design team delivers what you promised your client. That way you can focus on what you are good at - marketing & getting order and we can use of our expertise - Creating mind boggling logos. This is what is defined as benefits of Synergy in the top B schools where by each party benefits by working in the area of specialization.  

Logos for You at rock bottom prices

All that you have to do is encash your contacts and network to get logo orders. You can do so in your own name, without bringing Custom Logo graphics in the picture. In the meanwhile, we will produce fantastic logos ensuring that you keep your clients happy and we continue to help you get word of appreciation. We design them at a heavily discounted price. The objective is to encourage you to bring more and more work for us. Eventually we will benefit because of volume and you can enjoy healthy margins per project.  All you need is a good front end; you can leave the rest on us.

As a reseller, you get lot more than professionally designed logos and word of appreciation from your client. The copyright for the work done by us solely rests on your name. So, though the logos will be designed by our team, it will not be added in our portfolio. We assure complete confidentiality and all the services rendered through us will bear your name.

Benefit of being a Reseller

The copyright lies solely with you - The Reseller.
We do not include your projects in our portfolio as they are already a part of your portfolio.
The services rendered shall necessarily bear the reseller's name.
We assure complete confidentiality.

This is who can make it work...

A reseller opportunity in the logo design field is a potential winner for just about anyone. All you need to do is recruit the business and take the payment. We take care of the rest. It's a perfect chance to sell something everyone wants without having to invest a great deal of time or energy in the process!

Are you looking for a part-time way to generate additional income? A logo design reseller relationship with us is a perfect solution for work at home parents or students.

Are you already in the graphics art business? Advertising agencies and graphic designers can use the reseller plan to handle customer needs with a profitable margin when they otherwise might have to turn down jobs due to time constraints or infrastructural expenses. We can handle overflow work or serve as a productive yet inexpensive part of your design team!

Do you work with other web businesses? If you are a designer, programmer, hardware seller, content producer, internet marketer or have any other links to the online business world, this logo design reseller plan is perfect for you. You can put a wonderful opportunity in front of your customers and clients. They receive a great logo design and give the credit to you, while you turn a nice profit in the process. And it's all nearly effortless!

Our current resellers are having a great deal of success selling logo design services. You can be a successful logo design merchant almost overnight by teaming up with us. Contact us and associate yourself with one of the finest business opportunity. 


Be a Reseller
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